About Us


We’re not quite Charlie’s Angels but we are inspired by the passion and creativity of our founder to unlock the hidden potential in leaders and teams through a combination of challenge, fresh perspective, ideas, encouragement and practical support.

What We Stand For

As someone who found a way to achieve the unimaginable in his lifetime,

John F. Kennedy said that, “Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.”

We agree because true leading is about going somewhere and becoming something new. It’s not about managing the status quo.
Our ultimate vision is for a world of work where people experience joy and freedom rather than toiling in an environment of fear and control.

We believe this joy and freedom can overflow to offer love to those you work with and those you care for most.    
Making this reality takes commitment to personal evolution as well as learning how to enable this inspiring experience of work wherever we have influence or responsibility.
This kind of change cannot be achieved just through a short course, a topical webinar or the latest book.

Real transformation is a process that works from the inside out and happens most effectively when new beliefs and knowledge is combined with action. This is most powerfully achieved in  a community of peers that challenges, inspires, encourages and supports us to be our very best.

​Discomfort and stretch are enablers for growth. This probably accounts for why most people will never realise their full potential. 

​How about you? On your bravest day…who could you be?

Meet the Team

Charles McLachlan

Founder of CEO Growth

 Academy and Future Perfect

When Charles isn’t designing programmes for leaders, he loves working 1-2-1 to bring out the best in people – helping them get clarity and inspiring them to fully become everything they were created to be. 

07799 34 7799

Jill McLachlan

Co-Founder of CEO Growth

 Academy and London Chair

Jill is a transformational coach trusted by National and international leaders and CEOs to help them achieve the highest ambitions for their lives and those they lead.    

0207 717 5581

Peter Bricknell

London Chair

CEO Growth Academy

With a background in product design and technology, Peter now has a very successful portfolio career and brings a wealth of experience to the Portfolio Executive Growth Academy.

07887 794373

Fiona Spence


Client Liaison

Fiona brings over twenty years’ experience in the luxury goods industry


07905 769709


Team-Rachel-Barford Sq

Rachel Barford



Rachel shares the same passion as others at FuturePerfect: to enable us all to become everything we can be.



Catrina Cropped

Catrina Griffiths