Executive Coaching and Mentoring


Every highly successful leader will tell you that coaching is a hugely valuable part of their development process. It has nothing to do with information or intelligence and everything to do with objectivity, fresh perspective and the challenge to help you avoid inevitable blindspots.

For Leaders

We practice holistic leadership coaching here at the Academy because we understand that you come to us as more than just a job title. That’s your context but you are a person with physical, cognitive, emotional and spiritual dynamics in play.

We pay attention, just as much to what might be holding you back, as to what you need to move forward. We believe that the most powerful and lasting growth come from the inside out.

In the end, it’s about making changes to the way you think and behave that will help the whole you show up ready to perform at your best – every day and in every situation.

Coaching and mentoring is included within the membership of the CEO Growth Academy. If you are not ready to join the Academy, we offer you with a tailored package of 1-2-1 sessions to work through those things most important to your future. 

​It could be about your leadership or business challenges which may include mindset, strategy, issue resolution, team co-operation and engagement, innovation and product development. It could be about how your role impacts your relationships and wider lifestyle. 

Whatever you need an independent and objective sounding board for​, we have access to the know-how to help you become the everything of you were created to be.


We can create a bespoke coaching & mentoring package for whatever changes, breakthroughs or goals you want to achieve.

In most situations we refer to the well established G.R.O.W. coaching model to help you discover what’s really going on, what’s holding you back internally and externally / real or imagined. Often we help people discover and articulate what they really want and believe is possible for them.

Always, we help you define compelling next steps and we hold you accountable for making the changes happen.

Face-to-Face Sessions

to discover what's really going on, the principles for breakthrough and practical step to bring about breakthrough.

Remote Sessions

for those who can't easily get to our centres and to provide mid-session support and accountability for progress

Psychometric Assessments

to discover your most empowering identity, subconscious strengths, weaknesses & blind spots


Your first session is on a money-back guarantee basis – you only pay for it if you continue with a subsequent session.

Frequency and duration of sessions are tailored to individual needs varying between 90 minutes bi-weekly to 2 hours per month.

Typical packages are worked out with a defined objective / development goal
and a timeframe of 3 to 12 months.

We also work with teams

No leader achieves greatness without a fully aligned and highly effective team working with them.

We can help you develop your teams with specific workshops, chairing of board meetings, facilitation of strategy and team away days and other interventions to activate the true potential of your people.

It’s a hard thing to prove because it’s only obvious looking back, but it’s widely accepted that those who are intentional about their development (business and personal) grow 2½ times faster than the rest.

It’s also documented that those who work with a professional mentor/coach, ​who will hold them accountable, can see a 6X return on investment.

It’s a no-brainer for those who are serious about their future. We make it even easier for you.

Commit to a discovery session and if it’s not for you, we will refund your investment.